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Becker Knives did it again, this time with a smaller version of the Combat Utility 7 knife, the BK7. The BK7 knife is basically the same as the BK9 blade but scaled down to be lighter and easier to carry on extended trips. This puts this blade within the size range of a good survival knife as compared to typical “combat” knives.As many of you know, Becker Knives has created some of the better survival knives. Known for rugged durability and quality at reasonable prices, the Becker line of knives has a following among experienced survivors.

Becker BK7 Comparison

The Becker BK7 knife is commonly known by several names including:

Becker BK7
Combat Utility 7
Becker Combat Utility Knife

Becker BK7 Becker BK7
The Becker BK7 knife if often compared favorably to the Cold Steel SRK. Many prefer the Becker blade, though both are popular and excellent survival knives.

The Becker BK 7 design is based on the MK2 combat knife. The original MK2 knife was partially developed by Camillus Cutlery, which has a hand in the production of Becker knives also.
The BK7 Blade

As many of the Becker Knives are noted for, the BK7 is stout and powerful survival knife made of excellent .188 inch thick 0170-6C carbon steel blade. This is one of the best survival blades out there, built to take great deal of punishment and still perform.

I like the ergonomic fit of the BK7’s handle in my hand. It is easy to grasp and gives a good firm grip. The balance is excellent – as soon as you heft this knife you know you have a series contender for the best of survival knives.

The blade of the Becker BK 7 knife is 7-inches, flat ground, and clip point Bowie Knife type. Full tang blade, of course. Its thick sharp blade makes for durability so that it can be used with confidence for chopping. The end of the handle makes a good solid pommel, an often overlooked feature that can be of use to the survivor in many situations.

The BK7 sheath is ambidextrous and made of OD green nylon lined with kydex. This makes for less rattling when on the move. A drawback is the knife is loose and must be strapped in, increasing the risk of loosing it should the snap come loose.
In Stock Becker BK7 Knives are Rare

Although many say the Becker BK7 knife is one of the best survival knives ever made, you may be out of the luck. They are sought after by the survival community and are sometimes difficult to find as it is no longer in production. The BK7 and other Becker Knives are becoming sought after collector items. If you have a Becker Knife my advice is to hold onto it as many consider it to be one of the best survival knives ever made.