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News and Headlines:

A “Few Good Trucks” Wanted, Many Respond to the Call

The Marine Corps was looking for an alternative advertising source. They found one with the trucking industry. The request for 1,000 donated tractor-trailers resulted in quite a few more. According to an ATA press release, ATA Vice President for Public Affairs Mike Russell reports that as of early October 2,220 trailers have enlisted. New Larger-then-billboard ads are now rolling across the country.

Marines New Weapon is Slicker Then…Uh, ICE

According to KENS 5 and the San Antonio Express-News the Scientists at San Antonio’s Southwest Research Institute are working to develop a “slimy” chemical weapon for the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marine Corps states that this weapon would be used to deny access to space, such as an embassy during riot control. Additionally, the chemical could be used on doors, windows, lawns and pavement to prevent access by crowds or other perpetrators. To review the full article by Cindy Tumiel, KENS 5 and the San Antonio Express-News, follow the headline title link.
KENS 5 and the San Antonio Express-News

Marines Receive New Utility Uniform

The Year 2002 has been a year of Change for the Marine Corps. New utilities are just part of the change. Click on the article headline hyperlink to read the full story.