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A web site for all those Sailors, Marines, Airmen and U.S. Civilians who were stationed at Subic Bay. Get registered and get connected to others who served there.

Snapshots of the Past

Quality reprints of the old Marine Corps recruiting posters.

Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries (Previously Gunsite Gossip )

Jeff Cooper is an author of some renown. Most notably The Art Of The Rifle and his noteworthy articles in Guns and Ammo, Gun Digest, and most recently in the Jeff Cooper Commentaries. Jeff has advice, commentary and information on weapons, hunting, and shooting philosophy, in addition to political ideas of interest to those who prefer a more enlightened point of view. Highly suggested reading for those who want a serious opinion from an expert.

Sgt’s Grits’s Marine Specialties.

Marine Corps gear, catalogs, links and gossip. Check out Sgt. Grit’s page and get on his mailing list for hot topics, Sea stories and other testimonials from current and former Marines and their families..

The United States Marine Corps

The official site of the United States Marine Corps. Good stuff for those who want the straight scoup.
E Company 2/24 Marine Corps Reserve Web Site
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A Marine Corps web site with discussion forms, e-mail, and plenty of information about the Corps